Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How To Breed Horses Playing FarmVille

I have gotten numerous requests from fellow FarmVille gamers asking how to breed numerous foals in one day. The process is actually quite simple and instructions are as follows:

1. Empty out your stable
2. When the horse that you wish to breed is at 35% or higher, put it in your stable. This will make your horse stable ready to harvest
3. Insert Stallion or Wandering Stallion
4. harvest your horse stable

Hopefully something like this will appear on your screen

This method of breeding allows you to harvest your horse stable multiple times a day. You should try to have 10 or more horses ready ( 35% or higher ) in order to increase your chances of getting a foal. If you do not get a foal you will either get coins, farmhands, arborists, or 100XP.

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